Billy Sherwood

Collaborator Billy Sherwood

Capture Light & Rise and Fall

I got in touch with Billy in the spring of 2016. Initially, he agreed to listen to some of my demos with the possibility of doing some mixes. I sent over Crimson Sky and he sent back the track with a much better mix and a wonderful new guitar solo. I was delighted with how it sounded! The next song he worked on was Dreamcatching. On hearing this he told me, ‘The bass could be moving around and creating a lead element, playing simply under the narration; then flying from there with melodies and a sense of soaring.’ That sounded good to me!

For the track Dark Arts, I knew I wanted a driving bass sound that sometimes locked in with the drums and at other times went in its own direction. This was perfect for Billy’s style and adds so much interest to the song.

Billy was the first person I ever contacted and was definitely a catalyst in giving me the confidence to approach others. I am in no doubt that having the involvement of someone with such a great reputation gave some instant credibility. I will always be grateful.

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