Jean Pageau

Collaborator John Pageau

Capture Light, Rise and Fall, Circles in Time, Kintsugi

When I came to the final arrangement of Ancient of Days, I decided I wanted a mixture of voices. I thought it would be interesting to have both male and female voices that would combine and evolve throughout the track. I had been very impressed with the Delusion Rain album by Canadian band Mystery, especially the vocals of lead singer Jean. So, in typical fashion I tracked him down and asked him to add his unique vocals to the track. In no time at all he had recorded several takes of both lead and harmony parts. These fitted in perfectly and blended so well with the other vocals. 

Jean and I remained in touch and I thought the title track, Rise and Fall would suit him, as it required a vocal that was both powerful and vulnerable. Jean took the lyrics and altered the opening melody which gave the song an extra dimension.

A delight to work with, Jean possesses a fantastic voice. Merci beaucoup Jean.

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