Oliver Wakeman

Collaborator Oliver Wakeman

Capture Light & Rise and Fall

Whilst completing the song Capture Light I decided I wanted a better piano sound. This idea then grew into wanting a more lyrical and expansive piano part throughout the song. I was fully aware of Oliver’s abilities having seen him during his tenure with YES, so I made contact to see if he was interested in contributing and ‘yes’ he was! After some discussions he charted-out the relevant piano parts and sent his tracks through. They were stunning! Just what the song needed.

I immediately asked him to play on what was to be the last track to be recorded, Tears from the Sun. This was quite an expansive piece and required a full array of keyboard sounds; piano, electric piano, church organ, harpsichord, synths. In all cases the playing was just fantastic. 

On Rise and Fall, one of the key tracks to get right was The Golden Thread; it needed the fluidity and flavour of the Edwardian era. This was something we discussed, and Oliver delivered just what the song required. 

Working with Oliver is a total joy; such a talented musician.


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