Rob Aubrey

Collaborator Rob Aubrey

I am a huge fan of Big Big Train and Rob has been responsible for mixing their albums. When I’d got some demos together I asked Rob if he would take a listen and offer his opinion. His opening reply: ‘Basically there are a number of problems and I am going to be brutally honest as that’s the only way you will learn.’ Although his response was very critical, I realised that almost every element was simply not good enough.

I had a choice; either I should stop or I had to start again and do things better. I decided that I wanted to start again with the intention of making the music sound as professional as I could. I asked Rob to mix the drums on ‘One Race’ and this gave me a clear idea of how much of a perfectionist he is. Rob has a great reputation and if he says something sounds ‘OK’ then you know it has passed his very high standards.

Thanks Rob for your ‘sound advice’!

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