Ancestors and Satellites

February 29, 2020
John Holden

For the final track I wanted to return to the theme of ‘The Comet’ and its role as a silent observer of man’s history. But that is a huge subject to condense into a song, so I decided on two moments that seemed to encapsulate that vast sweep of events; ancient hand paintings discovered in caves dating back 40,000 years and footprints left by astronauts on the moon.

The human species is by nature full of curiosity and has developed with amazing pace and ingenuity. As a species we are, as we all know, far from perfect. However sometimes it is appropriate to look at how far we have come even as we accept that we still have far to go and much to learn.

The verses move from early man to a silent spacewalk. The chorus imagines the chants and magic of those gathered around the ancient fire and how those primitive feelings of belonging, communication and the need to share our stories is still deep within us.

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