Oliver Day


Halfway through the project, I came to the painful conclusion that my guitar solos were just not good enough! So putting on my producer’s hat, I went in search of a guitarist. I found Oliver on YouTube; a young musician playing in a YES tribute band. He was nailing all of it -in every song!

My thought process was, ‘If he can play Steve Howe solos he can certainly play mine.’ With contact made, Oliver proceeded to work on ‘Ancient of Days’ and we developed a style of working that suited us both. Oliver would send me multiple takes on multiple guitars, and sometimes even multiple pick up choices. I would then select my favourite elements and add them to the master track. I kept sending him songs that needed some additional guitar and he just kept delivering outstanding work.

For the song ‘Capture Light’ I wanted a string sound evocative of the Renaissance period. I mentioned this to Oliver who informed me he had recently acquired a lute – serendipity! Although a difficult instrument to play, within a week I received the lute part that appears on the finished song. Oliver is a super-talented guitarist; he can play anything, electric, acoustic and in any style – a producer’s dream! He was invaluable in making this album. What a future he has ahead of him!

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