Peter Jones


I first became aware of Pete when he released his ‘Cocoon’ album under the banner of Tiger Moth Tales. Having already recorded Julie’s vocals, I thought he would be a good match for the duet on ‘Seaglass Hearts. I also asked him to record a simple backing vocal for ‘Dreamcatching’. Pete is always busy and in demand. I had contacted him just as he was rehearsing and ready to go to Japan to play keyboards with Camel, so I had to be patient and wait for a ‘window of opportunity’.

A few weeks after his return, Pete got in touch saying he had done the vocals and had also added flute and saxophone parts, should I want to use them. The new parts sounded just great and now I cannot imagine the songs without those elements. Pete is an amazing person and a tremendous musician who can play just about anything to an amazing standard. I think maybe in future I might just write some tunes and get Pete to play everything!

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